Select illustrtion assignments.

I love reading a brief, learning about something new, and visualizing a story — whether it's finding bias in Deep-Learning Systems or how the PGA tracks golf balls during a game. I specialize in visualizing technical subjects.

Explainable AI / IEEE Spectrum

Illustration of a magnifying glass looking at a complex dataset
Spot illustrations: a series of question marks infused with data

5 Automations / Slack

Illustration of the number 5 surrounded a complex set of data
Spot illustrations: a series of illustrated numbers 1-5

Pure Data / IBM

Illustration of the dial turned toward a particular dataset

Palmer Luckey Profile / Fast Company

Portrait of Palmer Luckey. Also, possibly... the Lawnmower Man

Creative Computers / USC

Illustration of a saxaphone playing music generated by a computer

OkCupid Profiles / Wired

Visualization of the top dating site profiles from different regions of the United States

Quant Junkies / Fortune

Illustration of a human figure surrounded by a data infrastructure

Style Shifters / Chrysler

Illustration of a data inspired car dashboard

Numbers / ESPN

Illustration of Mike D\'Antoni and basketball players amid a datascape
Illustration of an abstract visualization of the ShotLink system